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Posted by query at Dec 8, 2005 1:26:32 AM
Re: [Cobalt] Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
I'm looking for crews for my pirates on Cobalt. I'd prefer a crew that is willing to let my pirate be an officer, even though I'm not terribly active on Cobalt (Midnight is my main ocean). Even though I'm not going to be extremely active, I would like to sail my ships (which is the reason I ask for a minimum of officer rank). I am willing to pillage and get to know my crew mates there, so I'd like the crew to be pretty stable.

My first choice of crews would be secondary crews from Midnight, but that isn't necessary. So long as the crew is fair, I'll be happy. Recently I've been wanting to get my stats up on Cobalt, so I am looking at being far more active over the next few months than before. Mostly, I'd like to be able to mem the ocean over there.

So, either catch me on Cobalt as Seahag, or Xiaohu, or PM me here with any offers.

Crew found. Thanks for the other offers though! If you want someone to pillage with you, I'm always open to that. Just send me a tell in game, or leave me a PM here with the time.
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