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Posted by Benzene265 at Nov 30, 2005 12:44:38 PM
Re: Hair Suggestion
Girl's should have corn rows. I want corn rows for my pirate.

But is that historically accurate?

No, but then again neither are afros. Dreads were around as early as ancient Egypt, and the other styles were obviously common throughout history, so there are only a few styles we're limited on. Here, have a link:

Thanks, it was a genuine question since I have no idea when cornrows were "invented". I dislike the idea of afros or cornrows, but I do love the idea of including the dreadlocks for girls.

People have been braiding hair in various ways practically since there were people. The braids can simply be straght and flat, like a French braid, which was around at the time. We don't need any weaves or extentions in game. I would personally prefer one or many braids, since two braids would look much more "Heidi" than "Pirate".
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