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Posted by joedigriz at Nov 21, 2003 12:16:02 AM
Re: "To Fix" List
Hmmm.... something I just thought of. This seems to catch many people by surprise, so it's worth mentioning. (If this is done, I apologize... been a while since I've been a pleeb.)

If it hasn't been added already, there needs to be a warning dialog when non-officers purchase certain items. For example, cannonballs or rum. Something like:

Warning, you have to be an officer before you can have this order delivered. Proceed? OK/Cancel

In fact, the same warning, perhaps with a "can only be delivered to a ship at the dock" message, should be given to those who aren't in crews and don't own their own boats. In fact, I'm tempted to say just to disallow it period, but I figure there might be a good reason for doing this. (ie. having a ship built, want supplies ready-to-go once it's done)
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