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Posted by Falgor at Nov 20, 2003 11:56:29 PM
Re: "To Fix" List
i think the biggest bug that bothers me is the one connected to getting challenged to a drinking or swordfighting puzzle. someone challenges me to a puzzle, and i hit the 'inspect' button. little did i know, the person canceled the challenge in the meantime, and i am left with the internal error message that cannot be closed to get it off my screen. it took me some time to figure out how to work around this without logging off and back on to get rid of that message on the screen. now whenever it happens i keep playing, but the 'soandso has challenged you to a game of skill' message is forever on my 'ahoy' board.

i don't know if this warrents fixing before launch, but it sure frustrated me the first few times it happened, before i learned how to work around it. and it has certainly cut down on my accepting a puzzle challenge, cause i don't want to deal with the error for the rest of the time i am online.
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