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Posted by svarog at Nov 20, 2003 11:21:59 PM
Re: "To Fix" List
Wow . . . this thread degenerated into exactly what cleaver didn't want really quickly.

So far there's been only too game altering services i've noticed that would be reall helpful to be changed before launch.

Telastyn wrote: 

- run a doc [including website help!] review; there's still a bit of outdated or... unclarified stuff in the docs.

Scuppering signed.

joedigriz wrote: 
The dock screen doesn't have an "X" on the top right, and instead has a "return to island" button.

As joe says . . it kills the unifiying gui design you guys (you guys = ringers) have in place.

So those are the only two things that would really throw a newbie for a loop. Everything else in here seems to be more of the 'I'm enjoying the game a lot, but would enjoy it more if . . . ' which isn't what was asked for.

So let's get back on track and give the devs those all important nagging bugs as opposed to 'my life would be better if' issues.

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