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Posted by Rastigi at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: "To Fix" List
Lizzie wrote: 
I'd like you to add an x at the top right corner of the dock page.

I woul' like this too, but ta expand upon it, mayhap ye could ha' a way ta 'queue' yerself in fer a ship. If ye click a ship an its in battle, as long as ye stay in the dock screen ye will be in the queue (a ship can only ha' as many people in its queue as it ha' empty spaces). Once tha ship exits combat, the people in the ship's queue will be whisked aboard. If ye close tha dock screen afore ye get whisked, yer spot in tha queue is released an someone else can queue up.

I wou' also (as mentioned in another thread) like ta see the message fer completing 8 or 9 star constellations be more exciting. Right now, me favorite two message are "Leaping Porpoises", which ye get fer clearing long strings o' stars (not worth much points), an "Ye Heavens Aligned", which I believe is fer hard 6 an 7 star constellations. I thin' tha' "Ye Heavens Aligned" sounds better than tha "Masterful" ye get fer 8 or 9 stars. If nothin' else, I woul' switch tha messages, so tha' they seem more correct.
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Cleaver wrote: 
Anything else? Please don't say, 'Make everything FREEEEEE!!1!!'

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