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Posted by Cleaver at Nov 20, 2003 3:42:54 PM
Crafting Puzzles
Whilst we will have the first crafting puzzle implemented for Launch there's no way that we can do all of them in the next few weeks. We're talking a week or two before launch here folks, not six months. Likewise other major features like Flag Wars; yes, these are right up there on our list of things to do, but they are not pre-launch fixes and niggles, which is what I'm looking for here.

Likewise Buddy Lists and Flag broadcast. Coming soon, but probably not that soon.

I appreciate that not having all the shop puzzles makes the game seem unfinished, but that's the nature of an online game; we'll always be adding things, and things will always be wanting to be added. The only reason the lack of crafting puzzles is noticeable is that there's the placeholder puzzle there to give you the idea.

/reply is not happening as it would booch when someone else talked to you while you were composing a reply. Just arrow up and it handily fills in /tell <personwhojustspoketoyou>

I like the idea of limiting forage to one or two attempts per island per player. Randomizing the spawn time as well would help.

Many other good things in here, keep it up.

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