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Posted by Claudia at Nov 20, 2003 12:40:08 PM
Re: "To Fix" List
Have to have before launch:

  • ]crafting puzzles
  • ]racked items not aging (makes it a mixed blessing to stock up your shop, it does)
  • ]pick a brigand behavior and pretty much settle on it
  • ]buddy lists
  • ]at least a limited flag channel

    Also, while this isn't the sort of thing you were asking for, I think at least the first round of player-owned shops should have a few days to build up stock and get running first.

    Unlike Raerlynn, I don't think Flag Wars need to exist at launch. The feeling that "war's coming" is pretty exciting on its own right now--the influx of newbies doesn't need to pop into the middle of ongoing war.
    Utena of Revolutionary Crew Utena

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