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Posted by 54x at Nov 20, 2003 11:34:27 AM
Re: "To Fix" List
Foraging should pay off much higher for 'browsing' and foraging only a little from one island, and then moving on to the next island in the arch- effectively, meaning you get a bonus to the goods on the island if you only forage a little and move on. Also required would be 'penalties' for foraging on only one island, in the form of diminishing returns. The intended effect is that foraging trips become more beneficial if you end up foraging both common AND rare goods, and move along more than one part of the economy. This forces people supplying their crew's shoppe to also supply others people's shoppes, too, if they want to pick up rarer commodities- this would help prevent booched supply and demand, and encourage people to get MORE people foraging at any one place rather than less- an island wouldn't be able to get stripped clean without a decent number of different vessels visiting it.

Feedback words in puzzles should be coloured differently for 'finishing' information, (Board Clear! Ye be knocked out! -ally- is knocked out! -target- is knocked out!) and have a different colour for 'bonus information.' (bingo! double! sea donkey!) If time is going to be put into this, 'finishing' information should be white, and 'bonus' information should scale in colour as well as size- ie. going from yellow to red as the bonus gets larger.

Clicking the map at the dock screen where I may board ships should take me to the island overview map again. If I made a mistake, I can always click on the docks to move me back. The docks screen, as noted above, doesn't follow all the other trend for 'exit screen' in the game. Exiting via the map is one of these.

Ideally, when I've attempted to board a ship in battle, I should get some sort of automatic notification when it has left battle, presuming I am still on land. The current message doesn't help you figure out when the boat is boardable, which is counter-intuitive.

The dismiss puzzle button for the swordfight when two ships collide should be placed at a slightly different height than all the other buttons, so that I can't cancel out of the swordfight when I'm trying to cancel my duty puzzle. Either that, or grey out the swordfighting cancel for the first half-minute of the swordfight.

I'd like to see auto-walking to any available station in, so that people don't boochify the naval vessels in their attempts to find a sailing/whatever station. These vessels will be needed (hopefully, anyway) for the influx of players coming at launch.

Clickable auto-walk links for orders, to help newbies realise that they're needed somewhere else. Preferably these would show up right next to the playing field if the player being ordered is already in a puzzle, but not actually overlapping the action.

Ability for SOs and Captains to see when people may not be promoted (due to not having paid) via the crew tab. This prevents us from alienating those on the free trial.

As mentioned above some workaround or alternative solution for memming a league point when a brigand engages to prevent a sixth trip becoming nessecary. Missing LPs frustrates many officers who currently find memming frustrating, and it will do so for new officers, too. On a similar note, islands ought to be easier to mem as well. It's sometimes a nessecity to divvy asap when you have impatient jobbers aboard, and penalising someone for divvying quickly, or just leaving before they get to the point where the memorisation is registered seems counter-intuitive. Can this be done off purely off the duty report rather than the performance and being in-puzzle at the LP?

Those are pretty much all of the 'urgent'/semi-urgent fixes that come into mind for the release.
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