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Posted by Gloriana at Nov 19, 2005 10:42:15 PM
Re: Flag chat and Friends
I think having a channel that contains BOTH titled and royalty members could be very beneficial. I know a lot of flags have forums and do a lot of discussing on them which include both royalty and titled members. But with the in game dynamic limiting it to just royalty, communication can be a bit clumsy. I mean if you are wanting to discuss something that includes your titled members, you either have to move to a boat, or do it over open fo channel. Neither one of which is entirely desirable. This has been an issue even for our medium sized flag. I would think for a larger flag, or one that has a good size number of royalty / titled members and even more officers, this would be even better.

I like the idea of giving Titled members the ability to /fbroadcast and perhaps even post Flag News as well.
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