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Posted by joedigriz at Nov 19, 2003 1:51:24 AM
"To Fix" List
Thought I'd start a thread for all of the *small* stuff that should probably be fixed or tweaked before (or shortly after, at least) launch. Things that may have gotten overlooked from being buried in other threads, or stuff not brought up yet, etc. Note that this NOT for things like "I don't like how the brigands work" or "Soloing isn't fun" or anything else that's been beaten to death by 100 separate threads recently. Note that these may not necessarily be problems, but more minor irritations or unexpected behaviour that affect the gameplay experience.

Obviously, the devs are very busy at the moment, so I'm not suggesting this be a "needs to be fixed now" thing. :) Instead, I view this more as a one-stop reference list, especially for pointing people to. (Instead of "go to this thread, and look at the 5th post down on the 3rd page".)

A short list, to start things off. (Any suggestions/explanations added after the list.)

    - Losing a league point memorization due to battle engagements at/just before said point. *
    - Logging out/back in for route memory to take effect. (This should never have to be done, obviously - memorization should just "take effect")
    - The dock screen doesn't have an "X" on the top right, and instead has a "return to island" button. +
    - Hitting the up arrow on the chat line makes you lose whatever you were typing, even if you immediately hit the down arrow. This probably only annoys me, and is the Unix geek emerging, but I figured I would toss it out anyway. :)
    * This appears to be the number one thing about memorization that keeps coming up, so it obviously irks many people. It may be fixed with the latest set of patches; I'm not sure, as I have never seen (note: might have missed it) a dev comment on it one way or another. I'm not sure how best to fix this, although something like "If pirate was last to nav, AND nav'd the last 1/3 of a league (enough to get face on status screen), AND battle ensued within last 5 seconds, THEN nav point counter = +1" might work. Or, simply put the person who was nav'ing before battle automatically into the nav puzzle upon battle completion. (Yes, I know that there are problems with that approach; Im just tossing out ideas.)
    [EDIT] Nemo just said in another thread (figures) that he was going to ask Jack to look into this.

    + This may sound petty or whatever, but it means that the dock screen is inconsistent with EVERY OTHER bit of the UI, save the puzzles themselves. When you click on the map, there's not a "return to island/shop" button, there's an X. Same for viewing a pirate's details, looking at the charts/radar onboard a ship, etc. I don't know how many times I've gone to click the X on the dock screen, and actually had to think for a second before I realized what was wrong.
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