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Posted by Kilbia at Nov 18, 2003 8:52:51 PM
Re: chat ideas
A few extra "socials" (as they're called on MU*s) would be a cute little small project. I know there's The List Of Things To Add, and The List Of Things To Add In Between Adding Things On The List Of Things To Add, so I don't expect it any time soon, but it'd be nice even if nobody ever bothered to do any accompanying arrrrrtwork.

As far as *I* know, it'd just be a matter of dropping a few more strings into the magical cuss converter. We already have string replacements for "lol", "brb" and even "=)" and "=(" (BTW, I *really* appreciate your thoroughness there!), so I know the technology exists.

If Y!PP weren't a professional product, I'd actually volunteer to make the additions - I'm not a programmer, but I can usually stare at an existing chunk of code and figure out how to tweak the output. (Did it a couple of times for a MUD that I immediately divested involvement with because the guy was only starting it up for an ego trip.) But I suspect the Dread Ringers would be just a weeeeee bit nervous about letting just anybody muck with their code.
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