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Posted by FerdtheGREAT at Nov 9, 2005 2:18:49 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
If anything, this plan will make Sakejima less attractive.

In his plan, it says taxes will begin at 25%. He then says we have to join his crew to lower taxes and not just any alt, he wants the alts all to have broad stats in two puzzles. Then he says taxes will be lowered if 100 people make sakejima their home. I do not see anybody even wanting to remain at Sakejima let alone want to make it their home. Not many people are going to put their main characters in a part time crew. As for the other events, I am looking forward to them as I love events, but I'm just very concerned with the economy.

Also, one thing that bothers me as well. I'm not saying this is what he did, but this is what could have happened.

We were all told we had to lock our plans in by a certain date. Well, external webpages can be modified at anytime without anybody being the wiser. That is why the majority of us didn't make a webpage for their entries but posted them in this thread. Trust me, I could have made one with flash! Make it look real spiffy. But since we were locked into a deadline, the only real way of meeting that deadline was to post the plan in the thread. If the plan was laid out in the thread AND had the link to a webpage, that could possibly be a little different, but still, anybody can modify their webpages at any time without anyone being the wiser. I do not begrudge him for winning. He submitted his entry as we all did. I do, however, wonder about the judging.

Agreed and agreed. I thought the purpose of the contest was to make the island more attractive and more merchant friendly. His plan also states to lower taxes ye have to give him things, and also become a citizen. No ones going to want to become a citizen with those high taxes. Like Synful said ye have to join his crew for him to lower taxes. Pssh! Thats absurd. Why not do whats best for the island. I also dont like how the judges picked the "prettiest" entry. Shouldn't the judging be based on whats right for the island. I thought the ringers didn't want to screw up this island. Ye can quote from eairlier in the thread people saying "The judging going to take long because the ringers DON'T want to screw these islands up" and other things like that.

Thats my speech for now.

tarting because hes pissed not because he lost...

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