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Posted by zim_was_here at Nov 4, 2005 7:34:31 AM
Making Trinkets interesting
Right now personally I think trinkets are boring they do nothing and are just asthetic (not really because people really dont care about trinkets unlike clothes and familars.) So here is a proposed solution.

After you finish collecting a set of trinkents that set of trinkets would turn into furniture or an item. These items would not age and be extremely rare. To prevent the problem of peolple not wanting furnitures or items maybe the trinkets could transfor with a little labour from a distillery for cups or furnisher for furniture

Some examples,

The sea shells could turn into a sea-shell drinking cup
Comb, ect, could turn into that make up box that nemo was talking about
If you get all the OM dolls they can be transformed into a doll house.

I am of course missing trinkets but you get the picture.
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