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Posted by av8tors32 at Oct 31, 2005 5:31:09 AM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
Well lets understand why the Ringers are taking their time.

1. In game Halloween stuff has consumed much of their time of late. So I am quite sure they haven't really gotten into the reading and judging just yet.

2. I am sure the Ringers/OMs have families and for many Halloween weekend is very busy.

3. For Viridian and Cobalt, this marks the FIRST Ringer Islands to be controlled by a player. This is a very big deal and they are going to careful review the plans so as to not booch the island.

4. For Midnight, Jorvik, is to say the least, a very controversial island. With Cnoss completely booched and Jorvik heading that way they again will be very careful.

5. Many of us entered under ALTs and the Ringers have to do their homework on WHO submitted each entry. Sure a plan might be good, but do you really want to give an island to someone that is close to being banned.

6. The Halloween patch has to be undone. Lets face it, NO patch to software is ever easy. I am quite sure significant time is currently being spent to get the game back to "normal" Also lets remember no patch is ever seemless. Everything may seem to go smoothly, but lets all consider the duck in the pond example. Looks nice and calm on top, but furiously kicking below the surface to keep things going.

7. Add in the number of judges, coordination meetings, business overhead, disagreements etc etc and well, I wouldn't expect to find out anything until the middle of November.

Lets all take a deep breath.....

EDIT: And for those that haven't figured it out... the Ringers want these "Island Events" to carry them through the holiday season. If they allow us to start too soon, the events will end before the holidays.
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