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Posted by Flib at Oct 30, 2005 11:58:40 AM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
Lmao well i say that the smallest plan should win.
Also did you see the one plan about some guy who worte a like 50 paragraph plan it was nuts.
All the long plans I actually found to be fun to read, full of ideas, or more often, both. It's the short ones [plz mk me meyer becuz im good lol] that were far more often embarassingly bad.

erm... as on eof the long plan's creators...
i found all the long plans to be very interesting and full of original ideas...
my biggest problem is that all my good ideas for original events etc. came to me after the closing date..

and no, i won't tell you what they are

i will probably do them anyway but i will have to think of something for the money to go towards..
or just put them in a tourny or 3

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