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Posted by PC_ at Oct 6, 2005 5:44:03 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
I am Playcenter on the Viridian Ocean.

If I were the governer of Sakejima Island,

I would make Sakejima into a living hell for Puzzle Pirates

1) Send navy ships of Sakejima Island into a rampage, have them with skellies and attack other pirates (like a pillage style battle; not ghost ships) This would be just like normal pillaging.

2) I will make Sakejima Island forever night (like when skellies attack an island) This would add to the atmosphere of Hell.

3) Next, Sakejima Island would export Kraken Blood every week for once. This would add more black clothes to the world, making this world a better place to live in =)

4) Every week, there would be a chance for people to board the Ghost Ship (aka Black Ship, it has so many names...) to just look at the ship and maybe fight the skellies for fun. The ship would be ported at Sakejima Island and will not to sailing on that day of visit.

5) Random skellies npc would be standing around Sakejima Island instead of pirates. Players can fight them one on one like normal npc pirates.

6) A rock which looks like a huge skelly would be standing in the middle of Sakejima Island. This is what the skellies would be calling "Mother". Every skellies fight they mention a "Mother".
This can be the story to the "Mother" of which they speak.
The mouth of the rock would be the entrance to Hell, so that Hades can come and go anytime he wishes.
Other pirates cannot enter the Gates of Hell.
(They can just look at it)

Overall, Sakejima Island would become a new home for skellies and shall give all pirates a scare!

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