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Posted by d4rk0n3 at Oct 6, 2005 4:54:18 AM
Re: My Attempt at Piratey Drawing.
Drawing with the lasso tool? That's dangerous buisness.

If you want a uniform line, use the pen tool - free bezier curves for everyone. (and you stroke them in the same way)

Lasso tool is just less complicated to get initial outline without
having to explain shape masking and anchor points which could
get really confusing to those unfamiliar with photoshop and

Pen tool is awesome for exact replica drawing, but at times
can be overtedious, the main thing here was to get a quick
replica to go into shading techniques.

A good tutorial for using pen tool, and as a set up for
gradient/alpha rendering is here:

After playing around with the coloring a bit here is what I
was able to come up with:

Full Size:

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