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Posted by mournful at Oct 6, 2005 3:31:17 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Dear Hades, Lord of the Underworld,

I am applying for the post of vacation home island manager for Sakejima on Viridian Ocean. I am a honest pirate, a hearty drinker of rum and fruit juices, and an ill-tempered critical wishy-washy scurvy stick-wielding ruffian.

Sakejima seems peaceful and quiet. It has plenty of stalls, large stretches of sandy brown beach, a desert areas in the western part of the island, and few ships docked at its port. As island manager, I would try to keep the peaceful atmosphere of Sakejima, and make it a great vacation spot and home for the pirates of Jade archipelago.

To encourage pirates to move to Sakejima, I would build housing not available on other islands on Viridian and lower-priced housing, cabins first, then cottages or other housing. The open beaches and rocky ground of Sakejima are perfect places to hold island beautification projects. I would update events and news on the notice board regularly and encourage residents to get together by announcing player events and hosting events weekly or depending on pirate interest.

The pirates of Sakejima should have a say in island changes, and as vacation home island manager I would hold meetings for pirates to come and express their concerns and give feedback on proposed island changes. My own plan with specifics and a tentative timetable is detailed below.

Island Events:
Host events depending on pirate interest, especially events that cannot be held through the tournament board such as a team drinking tournament, card tournaments, team brawl tournament, and skellie fighting party. Provide a designated day and a gathering spot for game gardens, drinking, treasure drop, etc. depending on pirate interest. I would start by holding a weekly event.

One event I would like to hold is a hosted question-and-answer night, where players could come and ask questions of officers, and perhaps a recruitment night where players looking for a crew, or crews looking for players could meet and talk.

Island Beautification:
Hold contests to design garden segments for each part of Sakejima. Garden segments would consist of furniture arrangements demonstrated first in a homeowner’s house or in an altered screenshot, and then implemented on island if island managers can place furniture outside, otherwise beautification contests will be held for the palace, inn, bazaars, and home entrances. Voting would take place at a designated time or be held on the forums.

Stall Owner’s Association:
Monthly or bi-monthly stall owner meetings to discuss taxes, shops, and island revitalization. Also discuss possible contests for bazaar ad-spaces, such as tailor with the widest selection of male/female rack items, or best decorated small, medium, or deluxe stall, or bazaar advertisements or sponsorships.

Homeowners’ Association:
Homeowner’s would be the only voters on home entrance furniture arrangements. Possible homeowner events that I would like to host are scheduled home tours, or contests for best home furnishing arrangement with the winner announced on the notice board until the next contest.

Week 1:
-Discuss island plans with Hades if possible.
-Announce a housing meeting, and put up notices of events. Start polling officers and pirates for interest in question-and-answer and recruiting events. Start a thread in the forums to discuss.

Day 5:
Host first event: team drinking tournament with event feedback.

Day 6:
-Meet the island manager - a 1-hour meeting for people to discuss their concerns and give feedback on island plans and events.

Day 7:
-Meet and discuss placement of housing and names with interested residents and potential residents. Place housing and begin construction.

Week 2:
-Host event: team brawling tournament.
-Poll home owners on interest in home tours or best home furnishing arrangement contest.
-Stall Owner Meeting.
-Meet the island manager.

Week 3:
-Host events: skellie fighting party and game gardens day.
-Home Owner’s Meeting.
-Meet the island manager.

Week 4:
-Host events: question and answer night, recruiting event, and spades tournament.
-Meet the island manager and determine upcoming events.

Month 2:
-Host event(s).
-Meet the island manager.
-First island beautification contest: beach east of the palace and the Sugar Shack's entrance.
-Home owner and stall owner events and meetings if there's interest in them.


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