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Posted by wolfyz28 at Oct 5, 2005 3:31:37 PM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
I am entering to become the governor of Sakejima on Viridian Ocean.

You may know me as wolfgangz in Viridian, captain of the crew Pirates Doom, and shop owner of Wolfgangz's tailoring stall on Lima, so i already take responsiblities in my flag, crew, and stall, and i know how to handle these responsiblities in an orderly manner.

As governor of the island i would fill the island with all the necessary shops and housing.

I would listen to all of the new ideas from pirates to take into consideration and try my best to put them into action.

I would make a seperate building for people who are looking to sell and buy things. A marketing building.

I would also wish to hold weekly tournaments for sloop prizes on all tournament types(sword fighting, drinking, treasure drop).

I would also try and do a monthly prize drawing with some special prizes such as ships, poe and dub prizes, swords, etc.

I would open stalls of each kind and run it myself and every so often(every 2 weeks, depends on what items and stall status) i would hold a discount or giveaway.

I would also hold auctions (black items, ships, some other items)

As governor i would build up a huge navy to successfully defend the island from any blockades and recruit many who request to join my crew.

And what i have been wanting to do for a while was to bring back banking such as depositing, withdrawls, because it would be conveniant to be able to deposit money so you would be able to keep track of your income and profits without having to share your money you plan to put aside with your ship or stall coffers. What a drag.

I would not tolerate stealing, cursing, and or spamming at a certain level or extent, and if you do spam or advertise in any other area other then the seperate marketing area or building i plan to make, you can get kicked out of the shop you spammed in if there is enough complaints from pirates.

If i would be governor, after i have made alot of money i would build a huge navy to protect the land and sell to captains of crews cheap

The ferry should always be free.

And i would like to make another building for weddings, much like the marketing building but without the just like a bank without the stuff in it or something to be used as the extra buildings.

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