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Posted by Silverstar at Nov 7, 2003 8:30:30 AM
Re: chat logs
Peghead wrote: 
Cool ideas.

But it's not going to happen. The chat log is currently a hack that just outputs the text from the full-screen history.

It occurs to me, I may have phrased some things badly - most of these changes can be made to the message display on the screen AND logged - only one or two would really be less appropriate to display.

IE - Adding the ship and/or island name to the messages already displayed shouldn't have any negative effects except making the output a little longer. Those can be safely display to the normal screen, the full screen chat window, and logged to the logs.

Some - like the manifest - would not make sense to display on screen (way too spammy, and maybe inappropriate as you wouldn't need to go check the hold anymore)

Some of what you want will come in the form of ship logs.

Ship logs might answer a lot of this - especially if they can be downloaded, or are displayed via the chat window (and thus logged) I'll hold my judgement on that until we actually have them available, but they may be everything we want.

Of course, I like that by parsing the logs, I can generate data of all battles I was involved in, no matter who was CO at the time.
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