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Posted by d4rk0n3 at Oct 5, 2005 12:30:15 PM
Re: My Attempt at Piratey Drawing.
D4rk, you're awesome. I'll be sure to try that right now.

By the way, I'd say about 2 or 3 pixels is fine for the stroke, but what would you suggest, inside/center/outside?

Using the polygon tool, depending on shape selected, I
kept everything at 2 pixels just for uniformity purposes.

If the highlighted area (the part that looks like marching ants)
surrounds the stroke I went with inside, and if the stroke
encompassed or was surrounding the highlighted area, I
always went with outside, very rarely do I use the center
stroke for this type of redrawing.

Once you have your outline done, the best way to colorize
would be first to use the channels..or basically do everything
in flat colors to start. Then apply your gradients and shading
using layer settings and airbrushing.

Just make sure your mode is set to RGB.

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