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Posted by d4rk0n3 at Oct 5, 2005 7:50:18 AM
Re: My Attempt at Piratey Drawing.
First, you want to get your sketch rendered into a cleaner and more realistic sketching environment for photoshop, there are many ways to accomplish this, however by viewing your sketch and going by the defining of the lines, the best method would be using photoshop to "redraw" the sketch.

1. Open your png in photoshop.
2. Create a new layer. (Layer->New)
3. Select the polygonal lasso tool (Right click lasso and select)
4. Trace out sections and lines in the new layer tracing the
sketch lines. You need to make sure the lines meet/end
at same place (Hit Enter to have photoshop complete lines
when necessary.
Zooming is best for this around 300-400%.
(Ctrl + "+" to zoom)
5. Using the stroke tool (Edit->Stroke), stroke the highlighted
selection using the method that would best represent
the sketched lines (Center/Outside/Inside) and the number
of pixels that would best represent the line as well.

Once you have used photoshop to "resketch" your drawing
you can then move on to detailing and coloring.

As a demonstration, using your sketch, here is how the end
result turned out:

The final "resketch" is here:

Mess around with your picture and get used to photoshop
and tools.

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