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Posted by Kenku178 at Oct 5, 2005 7:22:39 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Hi, my name is Wilden, I am a fleet officer of Original Syn on the Viridian Ocean. I believe I should be governor because I have a plan that will bring more interest to Sakejima.

As you may of may not know, of the three starting isles in the sea of jade, sakejima is the least known and visited. To me, this is due to its position compared to most of the other rather popular isles(Kirin, Lima, Prolix, DN) and its far distance from the inter-arches. Added to that, the markets on Sakejima aren't the strongest, as outside of Yarrow trade on Vidris, there isn't any useful deals on the isle.

Seeing this, I belive we should make Sakejima unique. How I plan to make the island unique is to setup some sort of regularly running a sloop racing competition. The business in sloop racing at the moment seems to be rather infrequent, but if there was a base for the competitions, I would belive it would benefit both the isle(in getting more people to come out) and the competitions themselves(In getting them to happen more often).

These competitions would consist of two types, length runs, and lap races. A length run is basically an endurance race(like most sloop races) in which the boats much sail out from sakejima, stop at at least 5 isles and then return to the island. The problem with this of course is coordination, as it requires a person at each isle. The other type, would be lap races. These races will be races starting from Sakejima and completing the Sake-Terra-Vidris-Sake loop a certain number of times(laps).

Funding for these events and any ref/security will come from the Sakejima taxes, as outside of a possible housing upgrade(cabins anyone?), the island does not require anymore building to scar up the beautiful landscape, and thus will have the extra money.

Thank you all for taking you time to listen to my plans, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Wilden of the Viridian Ocean
Fleet Officer of De Novo
Former Member of:
Blitz Republic
Booty Snatchers
The White Krakens
Warriors Down Under

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