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Posted by MalkierKing at Oct 4, 2005 9:47:19 PM
My Attempt at Piratey Drawing.

This is loosely based on Llama's Familiar Poker Wallpaper. Llama is a far better artist than me, so go buy his stuff. I just loved this piece and felt like drawing it myself. All rights belong to Llama.

Done in HB #2 on 11x8.5, medium tooth, acid free paper.

Please critique heavily! I do not have a scanner, so I took a photo of the drawing. I know this is highly unprofessional, but it's my only choice 'till I buy a scanner. I want to learn how to color images in Photoshop. If anyone could teach me, it would be great!

Thanks mates,
Avatar shamelessly stolen from xkcd.

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