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Posted by Genavee at Nov 7, 2003 3:33:32 AM
Re: [Request] Improved messages
And manually sorting is exactly what I did when posting those minutes, Hack.

The time stamp is a god-send though, because I knew the time that the meeting started, and ended. So... I quickly shortened my editing task to only 24 pages of log, instead of 124 pages. (As an aside, how many days worth of information is kept within a log, and how often is the log purged?)

After that, I filtered out crew chatter (a <CREW> tag would be perfect for this. Great idea!) and other misc. comments and such. Tells are very easy to get rid of, just by searching for that string "*** tells you,". Then, I attemped to string together the comments that were related to one another (because 5 people chatting all at the same time can lead to some odd reading, and a big ole "HUH").

My final log was pretty concise (I thought), and covered off the basic points of the meeting, along with the feedback of the attendees.

But I also had to take well over 30 minutes to edit out the irrelivant junk. A tool or 3, to help me filter out some of the noise are most welcome!

Senior Officer of The Sea Dogs

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