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Posted by Synful at Oct 4, 2005 11:35:03 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
I am Proserpine, daughter of Demeter and Zeus. The Greeks call me Persephone. As I collected flowers on the plain of Enna, the earth opened and Hades rose from beneath and abducted me to the underworld. The great god Helios witnessed this and told my broken-hearted mother what came of me. My father, Zeus, called upon Hermes to make Hades release me. Hades relented but was so angry, he gave me a poisoned pomegranate and when I ate of this devil's apple, I became bound to the underworld for 1/3rd of the year. My mother, Demeter, goddess of harvest shuts nature down during this time and mortals call it winter.

Sakejima represents two things mostly. Drink and Pink. To celebrate my release from the underworld and as governor, I propose the following 12-step program which is sure to leave the gods and goddesses as well as the citizens of Sakejima on Cobalt tickled pink!

1. Upgrade palace. Upon the completion of the upgrade, I shall beseech Nemo to change the banners to Pink to represent the island colors(if feasible). If it is not possible to change the banner colors, then I shall paint the walls of the palace to represent the island color of pink.

2. Brighten up the Inn-I shall upgrade the Inn and paint it rosey as well. Some well placed pink herbs will sweeten the scent of rum.

3. Upgrade the market hall. With a fresh new look, bids will come pouring in!

4. Offer more housing. I shall build a cabin, a bungalow, a townhouse and a mansion. Something for everyone's budget! Names will follow the "drinking" theme of island names. These houses will be nestled in the woods on the southwest side of the island. Right click to save XML of buildings placed.

5. Rename the shack and the apothecary to reflect the drinking theme of the island.

6. Sake drinking tournaments. That's right, a fine variety of drinking tournaments hosted from Sakejima island. These will be as often as weekly but may be more depending on the budget.

7. Event blockade! Each month that I am governor of Sakejima(up to 6 months), we shall have an event blockade. The winner of the event will win a shop to call their own. Shops available will be one of the following: Tailor, Apothecary, Distillery, Ironmonger, Furnisher, Weavery. Once a shop is won, that type of shop is no longer available to choose from. These buildings will be suitably named to reflect the current naming theme of the island. This way, we get more interest in the island without overbuilding or using up all the space to allow for transfer of governorship through a blockade should the island come open for blockade. I am reserving the shipyard shop so that the ocean has one shipyard which is publicly owned(versus private flag ownership) so the ocean at large is not restricted from purchasing especially the large vessels that a shipyard shop has to offer. This shop deed will be passed to an OM or the next governor of Sakejima when my reign comes to an end.

8. Stall owners! In the news of each bazaar, I will offer links to various wiki articles which will help them be successful stall owners. As another incentive to open a stall, I will randomly choose one stall per week for special advertising on the noticeboard. We shall purchase advertisement space on Shanty Radio highlighting that stall as well for that week. Almost as good as a champagne brunch!

9. Citizens!. To accomplish this task, I will do two things. First, I will be available on the docks as often as possible to speak to visitors and residents of this great island. I will assist newcomers and old salts alike. I will also be available to take portraits with these citizens should they want one. Along these lines, I will also hold Town Hall meetings monthly to gain insight firsthand to the needs of the island and its citizens alike. Second, I will take Navy missions to better answer questions about missions and appropriate jobbing behavior to the newer citizens which will help ensure them the best experience on this ocean. I shall also dress in pink colors as well.

10. Block parties! In addition to the blockade events, we shall host block parties with a variety of events that every citizen can participate in and win wonderful prizes such as trinkets or other fine prizes. These events will have themes based on drink and pink!

11. Blushing Brides! One day during my term as governor, I shall hold a piratey group wedding. This won't be just one couple, this will be many couples at one time! Each bride and each groom will receive a trinket for their wedding bands tying them together on this ocean.

12. Protection from Hades. As people did long ago, we shall have a sacrificial sheep to protect the island from Hades. This sheep will greet pirates on the dock. One possible name for this sheep could be Sacrificial Sake!

Hear me, as I vow to uphold this plan to the best of my ability, realize that perhaps not every item will be possible as a couple items will require assistance from the great gods of Cobalt, but I vow to you, here and now, I will do everything within my ability to complete this program!

A quick view of my plan in action:
The name is Synful.
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