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Posted by resde34 at Oct 4, 2005 8:51:11 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Ahoy i would like to be the Sakejima Island govener please i would do the following

1: Decrease prices of shoppes and houses.

2: Host fun and attractive events such as actions and partys.

3: Hold a big meeting for creative ideas for the island

4: I shall help all people that come to me for advice

5: Annuel tornuments for people to earn cash they shall also be easy tornaments so people that arn't so good and poor can get money.

6: Add a few buildings take some away.

7: Add some anmals to make it more home like.

8: Save money to give to the island when my rein is over.

9: Having fun if you chose me

yours faithfully

Arjunakhil,Viridian Ocean

PS: please pick me Hades please

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