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Posted by ekerin at Nov 7, 2003 1:44:50 AM
Re: [Request] Improved messages
I can imagine it now, the Great Puzzle Pirates Data Warehouse. Now you can tell if your Alt is conspiring against you, or if your are conspiring against yourself. All Joking aside, I think most of this is a cool idea, Especially the Perl Modules!

The one I really agree with is: Logging what channel that a message came through on. I thought about it last week, and ment to post it, but alas, forgot. Basically I was in a meeting, and we wanted to post the minutes of the metting to our forums, and I had chat log on to capture everything. But looking at my log later I would have had to manually filter out countless tells (which aren't hard, since it goes "Soandso tells you,"), and a huge ammout of crew chat, which I would have had to do by hand, since there's no way to programatically tell if they are related.

I was thinking something along the lines of [TIME] <CHANNEL> MESSAGE.

That way, a simple Perl script, or even importing it into a spreadsheet you could quickly filter the other channels out of the log, and make it ready for posting.
Hack - I don't even play poker now...

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