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Posted by Xceptopec at Oct 4, 2005 5:24:25 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
(Buliwif is an already existing alt that is unused and has no affiliations)

Buliwif heard a calling from above, from another world, from the chief of his Gods, Odin, Lord of Asgard, of Valhalla and of the Aesir.

"Buliwif, you are a warrior of note, honour and glory, worthy indeed of the challenge I shall set before you. It is the belief of mine and of some of the others including Thor (who loves a good drink) and Tyr (for whom justice and the way of the warrior are of the greatest interest), that we should in some way try to further relations with our counterparts of Olympus, and Jorvik would be the key to this goal. It has come to our attention that the Greek God Hades now controls Jorvik, an island proud of its Viking heritage. We charge you with the task of taking the govenorship of this island, of preserving the heritage and of taking it onwards to the glory it so rightly deserves. Do you Buliwif have what it takes to carry out this quest, is your heart strong enough and proud enough to succeed?"

"I will do it," Buliwif replied. "I will take your quest, and I will do the best I can to succeed in your bidding!"

Within a few minutes of this exchange Buliwif set to the task of outlining his goals, both near and far.

1 - Regular drinking and sword fighting tournaments for the people on Jorvik alone.

2 - Monthly gatherings in the great palace for contests of boasting of ones glory, and for the retelling of ones exploits in glorious battle.

3 - a monthly contest of sailing prowess - if only to keep Aegir happy and thus keep the sea lanes around Jorvik full of ships to carry the trade in and out.

4 - Monthly auctions/open markets where people are free to buy and sell ships, clothes, weapons, mugs, tickets, charts etc in the palace.

5 - Monthly or bi-monthly contests of the prowess of the quill, and let all who enter have the chance to name themselves a Skald.

6 - Over the course of governorship, redesigning/relocation of certain buildings in an attempt to make the island layout the best it can be.

7 - The erection of tree in the middle of the island as a representation of the mighty Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

The night wore on as Buliwif sat hunched over a table in the corner of the inn reading his goals so far, shadows flickering and dancing around him from the solitary candle that sat in the middle of the table. The blonde haired man sat back in his chair and took a long draught from his ale mug before picking his quill up again.

"Article 8," he muttered as he dipped the nib in the ink pot

8 - Facilitation of a heathy competitive market, and allow those who may be lacking in financial clout to petition for some small assistance in the opening of stalls. Grants awarded on merit and the number of existing businesses in that area.

9 - The formation of a council of commerce in an effort to create a more open market for the trading of goods and commodities.

10 - Contests and competitions, raffles etc with prizes of bid tickets for commodities in amounts of 50 or 100 units at a time.

11 - Better housing availability, within reason.

12 - The ability for inhabitants of the island to host/run events on the island, (but they should be run past me first), to engender a spirit of community.

Buliwif set the quill to the side and read over what he had drafted.

Happy in what he had outlined he raised his mug once more and looked to the ceiling above. "By your will Odin, should I prevail in this task that you have set for me, then so shall the island of Jorvik be an island of glory and honour" he said, before draining the last of the foamy ale.
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