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Posted by Wishing_Octo at Oct 3, 2005 1:43:49 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Hades, the almighty, god of the underworld...In need of support of help and assistance of governing. Aye, true 'tis be, until I myself, will be that help of need.

I swear to the almighty gods of the Underworld and the Heavens. That once I become governor, I will do everything I can for the pirates of Viridian Ocean. Possibly, the oceans too. But just once, just once, I have always wanted to be a true helper of all mankind. By the rights and authority of being a governor, responsibility and righteousness will scatter like pieces o' eight.
I'll respond to all pirates of in help, newbies, captains, etc. I will be there by the side of Hades. Together the island would be governed well and be soon popular.

And now, I shall state the vows of which I will lay upon of when I become governor.

I would react like an Oceanmaster, answering other pirates petitions and complaints. Tournaments, will be setteled every 7th time, I log on. Yet since, I sometimes play the game due to other life dreams. I'd have 20,000 Pieces o' Eight prizes and some other items, to be given on tournaments. And may be seldomly, I'd have an island's meeting at the palace.To discuss, what stuff pirates would like to suggest on putting things on the island. And for other private discussions, such as internal feelings they'd like to share.

Have rents, for stalls and others, be lowered a tiny bit. So, the population of the island will grow and more likely have more stalls in the island. Too, I will stop the rage of begging, begging here and there, it must be stopped. The island would be in salvation, away from the corrupt; And on to the better future.

And by golly, other pirates might be impressed and may refer a friend to come and play.

So I pledge, onto further then, by following these agreements I laid, and govern broadly to all. Be a trustful companion to Lord Hades. And govern well not for really for the island, but for the pirates neccesity of entertaining themselves while playing.

I here by hope that you readers and judges, would gladly accept my entry. Of accompanying Hades as he govern, and for me, too, to govern his place as of now. Please understand my eagerness of helping Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates.

God bless!

Hopes and wishings

Karky of the Viridian Ocean...

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