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Posted by wmcduff at Oct 2, 2005 6:00:58 PM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
My name is Chocolat, and at the moment I stand in Chop's Shipwrightery Stall on the isle of Lima in the ocean of Cobalt. I have a plan to take over the Isle of Sakejima, to get myself installed as governer, as many do, but mine will work! My plan, you see, begins with the smallest of things.

I will begin by moving this sail piece down so that the wood piece moves up. You see, that will cause two more patterns in this shipwrighting puzzle to be complete, giving me a full screen of six. I will then click on them, raising the pirate flag to the top, and of course, netting me twenty poe, another incredible, and perhaps more significantly, do the last bit of work on this ship, finishing it and removing it from the queue.

The ship, of course, will be mine. Though a sloop, it will be my first. I have prepared for this, having worked hard to be at least Narrow-minded in most aspects of piracy, and Broad-minded or better in most. With such mental training, it will be only natural to take my poe and become a Captain of my own crew.

I will call it Chocolat's Kiss, and we shall be beloved. There are few that despise Chocolat, and we shall crush them utterly, until it is whispered throughout the ocean that Chocolate is better than anything else (perhaps even sex).

Indeed, I will begin to create a power base. Contests such as this that depend on writing will be my hunting ground, as I scour the forums not for swordmasters or cannoneers, but diplomats and spokesmen without peer, and I will reward them well, offering the glory of a large island as their playground, encouraging them to talk with all crews and offer them Chocolat. Most will see it as a rare treat, this Chocolat, and gladly accept.

As my power-based expands, I will of course come to the attention of those who already wield great power, such as the Looterati and the Dread Ringers themselves. This is easily dealt with, however, as with my army of diplomats, even their ranks will be infiltrated with love of Chocolat. Once the great powers are on my side, I shall begin to milk the oceans for poe to rule in style, and yet the people will love this Chocolat milk.

On a wave of love for Chocolat, I will take the Sakejima governership to wide acclaim. With my army of sugar-tounged diplomats, and the poe milked from taxes, Chocolat will be known far and wide as being sweet and rich. I will form a Flag with this money and renown, and name it Candy, and fund it well with ships and ammunition, until it's known that Sakejima's Chocolat is protected by a hard Candy shell.

I shall keep the taxes as low as posssible, however, and Chocolat will be well known for it's purity. Indeed, I propose to corner the furniture market, lowering taxes until Sakejima is known to be the best place to get furnishings in the ocean. I expect there will be a great outcry for Chocolat items, especially such luxuries as bags of Chocolat, crates of Chocolat, and even barrels of Chocolat.

And with a small switch of pieces, my plan is begun. Support Chocolat, and you will find my victory sweet indeed.

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