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Posted by Flib at Oct 2, 2005 4:20:06 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Prices for rum will be lowered (there may even be free rum available for a short period if yer lucky) and taxes will be set to 5% (may be a bit high but it is needed for development and will be lowered after development is finished). of course distilleries will get a full tax refund!

the Eastern Part of the island will be left mostly as it is but the western part will be developed with a few new housing types (see lower down) and some player owned shoppes.
of course a statue of the mighty hades will be erected by the docks if possible!

Tournaments and competitions
of course There will be monthly tournaments and, because this is sakejima, they will be drinking tournaments.
The Prizes will consist of 50% of the palace treasury at the end of each month and there may or may not be an entry fee depending on whether the prize from the treasury is high or not.
There will of course be other palace run tournaments but mainly drinking tournaments.
competitions such as shoppe naming competitions will be held occasionally.
There may even be themed competitions for holidays to win a shoppe with an appropriate name/appropriate decoration (e.g. the tipsy bunny for easter or probably a better name at the time....).

people will be encouraged to buy distillery shoppes to make sakejima the drunkest island in the whole ocean but other stalls will also be up for grabs.
there may also be a monthly competition for a pre-constructed shoppe (selected before the announcement by the govenor). these shoppes may be prizes from drinking tournaments(Shoppes only prizes from drinking tournaments not from SF or treasure drop) or from naming competitions.
there will probably be mainly player owned shoppes built on the western part of the island but i will definitely restrict the number of shoppes so that it doesn't get too overcrowded with them.

Should i be crowned govenor, i will create and host a forum for any visitors to the island to suggest improvements and one of the first things discussed on the forum would be a poll for new housing types with the top three (or four depending on cost of housing) types of housing will be built on the fair shores of sakejima.
and, should the taxing bring in enough poe, an estate will be built with the hopes that it would be the first estate on cobalt. edit:so much for the first estate on cobalt... kirin beat me to it.

The Bank
No, i am not proposing to reopen the banks...
i am proposing that the bank be used as a help center for new players. The devs will not have to do anything but the bank will be renamed appropriately and the palace will accept donations to help with the running of the help center etc.
donated money will be used to buy certain items such as clothes for new players so that they will be able to save for other things instead of worrying about clothes. a certain amount will be spent each month to aid with this. this part of the plan should bring many more people to Sakejima.
the center may even reward players/crews which help greenies but i am not entirely sure how this would be policed.
information about the center and it's status will be posted on the notice board for all to see.
information will be posted on the Sakejima forums (see housing) and also on these forums.
the help center may even form it's own crew to allow new players to learn in a friendly, non-competitive environment. however, this crew may be targeted by other crews in PVP matches so there will hopefully be some more experienced players in the crew as well.
officers will be hired to help run the crew and teach newer players. shares will either be even or jobbers delight.

Fortnight of the Monkey
If i win, the first fortnight will be a fortnight of events galore. All these events will be themed around the monkey.
wondering why it's themed around the monkey? I am too!
don't like monkeys? well, just join in the fun!
Events would be decided at the time should i be selected but prizes would include:
-a distillery with a Monkey Themed Name.
-A ship with a monkey themed name(possibly)(donations for shanghais would be needed here)
-Lots of free rum!
-lot's of PoE
-a pig or sheep! (hopefully)
-anything else people would think of or donate.

Competitions might include:
-sloop race
-design a logo for the forum (see housing)
-SF tournament
-Drinking tournaments
-Treasure drop tournament
-Shoppe naming competition (for the distillery)
-Treasure hunt!
-more ideas to come.....(hopefully something more original...)

hopefully other events like this but themed around the octopus and parrot can be held in the future.

The Navy
on the less interesting side, i will be checking the ships in the navy and if they are not up to scratch or there are not enough i will be using funds to improve this navy. i am hoping it will be up to scratch so that more funds can be spent on big events and tournaments.

-flibber, ex-captain of the lone pelicans, ex-prince of alone on the Cobalt ocean
(flibber would be used for this as he is no longer in use)
longest post i've ever written
Flibber / Flib of Cobalt
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