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Posted by Silverstar at Nov 6, 2003 8:12:24 AM
Re: Yes, have some.
Fabozz wrote: 
The one thing I would not support is the manifest report showing current contents. Putting the bling-bling into the chat log I'm 110% in favor of.

I don't actually care if the data appears on the screen, so much as in the logs - I'm not looking at a way of 'how can I see this without looking at the hold' as a way of 'how can I get a log of the voyage' - a complete log should include the exact state of the ship at start, any changes (Oh, log trades, too!) and the log at the end.

Looking at the hold at the very beginning/very end isn't too difficult (and, I already do this anyways, but I have to write it down by hand), but to be more accurate, it would be nice to log the data in a specific, parsable format. I absolutely want the bling.bling data logged, though - if I sit there and write it down, people start asking 'why are we sitting here'? and I don't get to be on nav while doing it, either.

My interest here is post-processing.
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