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Posted by Kaibaman2004 at Oct 1, 2005 1:48:49 PM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Oh great Lord o' of the Underworld, Grant me my wish o' freedom, grant me powers o' your wonderous island called Jorvik island.

I am Hidendra, and I believe I can make Jorvik a better place for peace and harmony!

I promise to keep Jorvik in order, o' Great Hades.
I promise to do anything for you, o' Great Hades.

I will keep taxes low and try my hardest to do every demand on Jorvik!

If you share her with me I promise to take care of her with every hair of my body!

If you choose me, I will share my booty with Jorvik like it was family.
If you choose me, o' Lord of the Underworld, I will show you what I can and what I am capable of.

I propose too:

-Give people tips on how to do stuff.

-Make bigger homes and affordable homes.

-Do weekly and monthly tournaments, and maybe throw in some daily tournaments, too.

-Make it a safe and enjoyable home for anyone that comes!

-And last but not least, make island forums to talk and other things for example: To plot plans and questions about the marketplace, shoppes, etc.

I believe, o' Great Hades, I am the right one to Govern Jorvik!
Midnight: Hidendra

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