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Posted by Silverstar at Nov 6, 2003 6:59:37 AM
[Request] Improved messages
[Edit: Many of these are not log specific, but overall changes to the messages displayed - even in the normal chat window while playing the game - only a few are inappropriate in the chat window (just to be clear;-)]

I did a search, but only found this topic mentioned off-handedly in unrelated threads, so I decided to post a new thread to give it more visibility.

Post-processing the chat logs is a great way of gathering statistics, but it is a difficult and incomplete process, due to the messages logged. I realize changing the messages isn't a high priority, but it should be relatively simple (hopefully) I put the example additions in bold and deletions in italics.

Specific messages and example rewrites:
Fictitious Pirate issued an order to put into port [at island].
Fictitious Pirate issued an order to deport [from island].
(and, when setting sail without deporting first)
Fictitious Pirate issued an order to [deport from island and] set the vessel to sail.

Even better would be to add the vessel name, ie:
Fictitious Pirate issued an order [for the Fictitious Example to put into port at island]

Best yet would be to automatically follow the above messages with a short listing of the ships' manifest: (atleast, for officers and above)
Manifest for the Fictitious Example; Booty Chest: 1,198 PoE, 2 Fine Rum, 3 Small Canonballs, 29 Stone, 1 Kraken's Blood; Hold: 0 PoE, 15 Fine Rum, 10 Small Canonballs, 50 Stone; Navigation Table: Gaea to Epsilon, Orca to Delphi, Tinga to Gamma; Pirates: Silverstar [Officer], Fictitious Pirate [Jobbing Pirate], Dashing Amy [Cabin Boy]; Crew: Land Lubbers; Flag: Land Sharks

(Note: Booty Chest/Hold data is 'important', Pirate listing is 'useful', Rank, Crew, Flag and Navigation Table are merely 'nice')

On end of combat, a listing of the goods won/lost would be useful:
The victors plundered 566 pieces of eight and 3 units of goods, 1 Small Canonball, 1 Stone and 1 Fine Rum from the defeated vessel.

A comma seperated list like this works well and is easy to read (and parse). I don't know about others, but in my case, I treat PoE as just another unit of goods, and the above formatting kinda plays to that. In the case of no PoE, just drop that display [or display no pieces of eight, like it does now, if that's easier], and no goods would simply not list any goods. In the case of a totally worthless plunder, the message could be:

'The victors plundered no pieces of eight and no goods nothing from the defeated vessel'

List the name of the winning ship when battle is over, too:
Game over. Winners: Silverstar, Humble Erek, Dashing Rob, Fictitious Speciman, Brave Gayle, Foolhardy Grey, Glum William of the Good-Ship Lollipop.

(Finding out what crew goes with what ship is difficult - as the two are never listed together - currently, I determine which ship I'm on by assuming it is the ship that collided that was not listed in the prior intercepted log message, and I determine which ship won, and thus which ship the winners were on, by looking for a specific name in the list of winners - although I'm rewriting this to check if the othership was entirely NPPs, and if not, to use a set of hint names from messages related to crewmembers on my ship)

Listing the defeated players would be nice, too (but is less important, as this data is relatively easilly deducable already):
Game over. Winners: Silverstar, Humble Erek of the Good-Ship Lollipop defeated Dashing Rob, Fictitious Pirate of the Love Boat

When boarding/leaving a vessel, use a standardized message, and again log the ship name:
IE: If boarding a ship of your crew:
Going aboard the Fictitious Example...

When leaving a ship, nothing at all is logged, unless you whisk off to home. How about logging this event (no matter how you leave)
Leaving the Fictitious Example...

When accepting a job offer, no boarding message is logged, either.
You accepted the offer to job with 'Land Lubbers'.
Going aboard the Fictitious Example...
Your money was deposited at a bank on Noman Island.

(If they are in battle, though, you don't actually board, so no boarding message should be displayed)

Finally... when in the chat screen, or in the chat log, there is no way to determine crew and jcrew messages from speak, emote and vessel. How about prepending these with [crew] and [jcrew] (or [jobbing]) when viewing the chat window, and when logging. (Do vessel and speak work different on ships? If so, then also [vessel])

Anyways, as I said, I know this will probably be a low priority, but it is probably also low-hanging fruit and can be done pretty easilly, unless some of this data simply isn't available at the places in the code where the messages are logged.
Silvermoon, First Mate, Silver Dragon Trading Company
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