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Posted by LongJohnGrey at Sep 30, 2005 10:41:19 PM
Make Longjohngrey the govenor
Alright, now for a new plan, this time for Viridian SakeJima. (Actually, this can be done to EITHER Sakejima).

Sakejima is, as we all know, a rum island. So, what kind of sillyness can we do? Why, what else -- raise the cost of rum.

Yes, the palace will place market bids for cane and wood, for resell on the dockside market, to bring in money for the palace. Although some initial seed money will be needed, it is expected that no additional funds will be needed, and everyone in the ocean will find that dockside buying from the palace is the easiest (and primary) way to obtain these essential goods.

Yes, the palace will take the business of controlling the rum supply on this fine, rum island.

Now, trying to shut everyone out of the island will generate a lot of hostility. And, this is a greenie island. So we need some sort of "niceness" factor.

We will therefore give discounted rates from the palace to any distillery stall that throws drinking tourneys! Yes, that's right, you can get discounted rum by drinking rum!

ANY format you want.
Want to make it classic? Then make a classic table.
Mugless? Fine, go ahead

For every 1000 poe in a tourney pot thrown by a sakejima distillery stall, you will get a 3 poe discount on 350 units of wood or cane sold to you by the palace. (Warning: Exact numbers will need to be adjusted once we put this into practice). For every pot of at least 5000, you will get a three day ad on the island notice board. And, for 10,000 pots, a full week.

Again, all these figures are subject to revision once the plan is put into motion.

This grand party plan is expected to only need seed money. Profit from taxes (33%) and dockside sells is expected to fully fund all additional work.

33% taxes? Yes, you see, with all that partying, we're only halfway to hell.


EDIT: Second phase of Sakejima governing

Frankly, there are not enough buildings on Sakejima. We need more buildings. We can't have an island gone to hell with nothing but the basic buildings, can we?

Alright. So, we add in some living quarters. Nothing extravegant, no duplicates, just one of each. Nothing special there.

And, the govenor has one of each, marked as open to everyone, so that everyone can come in, and see what all these wonderous places look like.

Yet there's more. Each of those housings has a large common room at the front, right? And we desperately need consignment shops, right?

Alright, we start with furniture consignment. Each common room may be filled with furniture that people want to sell. Anyone that wants to sell something will be handed the deed just long enough to place their furniture item in the opening scene. A fee will be charged, and the item, price, and owning pirate will be listed in the news.

To purchase the item, you just contact the pirate, pay them the fee, and they pull it out of the scene and hand it to you.

Wait, what's that? You can't remove your furniture from a scene if you are no longer an owner/manager/roommate? Hmm, what an odd oversight in game design.

What's that? You can't just restrict someone to just placing their stuff down --- they could mess up competitors that way? Hrrmm...

Then again, you could just rely on needing all three (owner, buyer, govenor) online at the same time. That way, you trade to the govenor, who places (and is marked as the owner in scene by the game), and it can all work out.

Alright Nemo, can the governor place furniture on the outdoor scene yet? Sakejima needs more rum caskets.


Fit the third: To really celebrate Sakejima, we need a massive drinking familiar tourney. But not just any old drinking tourney.

We've had a marathon sword tourney, where you playeyed every sword over several days. So, ...

The Marathon Drinking Tourney.

9 different mugs (yes, even the cracked mug). Both low and high point total games. That's 18 right there.

And, since I'm a big fan of the original, we'll naturally have Classic games in there as well.

Yes, a big manually scored drining tourney, with several games of Classic. If that isn't enough to get people to blockade me off the island, NOTHING will :-).
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).

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