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Posted by d4rk0n3 at Sep 30, 2005 1:39:38 PM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
The 666 plan

Ocean: Cobalt
Pirate: Beelzeglub

My plan for the Sakejima to Serve Lord and Master Hades
6 minions will be selected to aid in the organization and hosting of the islands activities.

Local Entertainment:
6 tourneys ( 1 every 6th day for 6 weeks).
The 7th day shall be henceforth called "The day of Sloth".
All prizes will be (red-maroon)/black items.

Hourly tourneys on the 6 (random times ending or starting with 6 hourly)
(eg 4:46 6:01) for small prizes with values between 666 and 6666

6% for 6 days a week for 6 weeks.
The 7th day shall be henceforth called "The day of Avarice" with taxes of 66%

6 shoppes to be awarded over 6 weeks. ( 1 shoppe per week)
Each shoppe will be awarded as a contest to be posted in forums based on theme and a different medium of competition.

mediums: Art, Literature, Trivia, Creative Writing and in game antics.

6 days of harvesting for 6 weeks.
Crews bringing in commodity items and selling them to a designated shoppe will count towards the tithing of Hades.
(these shoppes will become the awarded shops for each week)

The 7th day each week shall be henceforth called "The day of Gluttony" and 6% poe bonus will be awarded.

Social Environment:
6 outfits ( 1 every 6 days) over 6 weeks.
The final day shall be henceforth called "The day of Envy" with the awarding of a Maroon/Black outfit.
6 outfits (3 male / 3 female) Maroon/Grey (alternated weekly)

6 furnishings ( 1 every 6th day) over 6 weeks.
The final day shall be henceforth called "The day of Pride" in which a special item will be awarded to a native dweller with a residence in Sakejima.

Player attraction:
6 days of pvp over the course of 6 weeks.
The 7th day each week shall be henceforth called "The day of Wrath" with 6% bonuses for poe won.

Each crew shall register on forums as competing.
Each crew captain must be a citizen of Sakejima to qualify.

Every pvp day these crews pvp records will be tabulated and with a designed algorithm wins/losses poe +/- vessel type will be converted to a rating and the winning crew each week will be awarded a war brig painted red/grey and (possibly renamed to theme for that week).

The cumulative winning crew after 6 weeks will win a war frig painted red/black (with possible rename).

Wealth/Funding (The Tithing of Hades):

Event auctions:
6 auctions ( 1 every 6th day) for 6 weeks.
Auctions to be held in the palace according to scheduling.

The final day shall be henceforth called "The day of Lust" with auctions for beautiful men/women to be held.

Daily auctions:
Every day an auction will be held for a valued prize that shall count towards the worshipping of Hades himself.

At the end of the 6th week, all tithes will be tabulated and the worshipper who has contributed the most funds shall receive a black/red or black or reddish familiar (depending on familiar selected)

(with rare items awarded to those finishing out top 10)

Any shoppes donating prizes for these award items as tithing to Hades will be awarded 66% of retail value towards the final tabulation.

And for those within the spectre of greed, you can opt for the 60%
retail value to tithing and get 6% added to your pocket.

For aiding in the renames, shanghai's will be given value of 16k each.
For aiding in the items, Kraken's Blood will be given value of 16k each.

There will be a forum dedicated to the citizens of Sakejma for
all contests, and ideas for the betterment of the island.
Sakejima will be a community of unity, where the governor is
the model of it's citizens, not the citizens as shaped the government.
There will be daily polls, events, a Q&A and daily updates on the
progress of the island and shape of the plan in action.

Island design for shoppes.
Layout based on xml provided:

Crew PVP Prototype Scoring System:

+10 pts win

#pirates = (pirates fighting - pirates on board)

if #pirates > 1 then #pirates is difference [win (poe + (poe x .25) : loss poe)
if #pirates = 0 then #pirates is 1
if #pirates < 1 then #pirates is difference / 2 with [win: (poe x .75) : loss (poe + (poe x .10))]

poe won / #pirates x vessel quantifier

+ .01 pt for unit of goods won

sloops : .50
cutters : .25
war brigs : .10
war frigs : .05

If vessel is smaller than ship fought vessel quantifier = (vessel quantifier + fought quantifer)
If vessel is bigger than ship fought vessel quantifier = (fought quantifier - vessel quantifier)

poe lost / #pirates x vessel quantifier
+ .02 pts for units of goods lost

(Crew A) 7 pirates attacked (Crew B) 11 pirates
Crew A sloop Crew B war brig

Crew A won 1000poe and 10 goods

Crew A calculation:
#pirates = 4
poe = 1000 + (1000 x .25) = 1250
vessel quantifier = .50 + .10 = .60

(1250/4) x .60 = 187.5 pts + (10 x .01) = 187.6 + (10 pts for win) = 197.6 pts awarded

Crew B calculation:
#pirates = 2
poe = 1000 + (1000 x .10) = 1100
vessel quantifier = .50 - .05 = .45
(1100 / 2) x .45 = 247.5 + (10 x .02) = 247.7 pts lost

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