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Posted by popeye09 at Sep 30, 2005 9:04:53 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Me plan:

East Sakejima: Nowt. It's a nice little town.

West Sakejima:

1. Fill in the ponds.

2. Chop down the copses.

3. Entirely replant as a sugar plantation.

4. Build a new, better, dock on the west shore, ready ter ship the fine Sakejima rum ter foreign maties.

5. Add some distilleries, an' a mansion house fer the inevitable business tycoons.

6. Pop down a bungalow after realisin' most have already drank away their fortunes.

7. Join me Sakejiman mates kickin' back on the beach with Long Island ice teas.

8. Get some skivvies ter erect a statue in me honour.


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