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Posted by bluecorsair at Sep 28, 2005 7:52:45 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Bluecorsair's Entry (Part two)

Once installed on the Dead *hic*....Vacationing governors throne, It will be my duty to keep the island running horribly *hic* smooth as possible. We will have drunken parties all the time, Blockades (not ones that require me to lose my *hic* status, Just fun ones that I can drunkely man the guns in if need arises), Sailing races, Auctions, Any anything else *hic* my drunken huge *hic* little mind can think of! Of course, No one likes to pay taxes, SO all we need to do is keep it incredibly high *hic*....Amazingly low. Just low enough to keep everyone running and in good shape! Of course if any buildings can possibly be added to the island they should be demolished *hic* constructed immediately. Can't forget about the people though, can we? No no, that wouldnt do. We have to keep THEM happy! Thats our last *hic* #1 priority!

Basically this island should be run with an iron fist *hic* soft gentle grip which will benifiti no one *hic* all of Pirate-kind!

,Bluecorsair - Drunken Fleet Officer - Rolling Thunder - Viridian

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