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Posted by xFinniganx at Sep 28, 2005 7:41:35 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Ahoy. My name on Viridian is Finnigan and i would like to be a part of this contest and be evaluated to be the Govenor of Sakejima Island on Viridian.

My plans to do Sakejima a more attractive island is as follows.

I will host events like Tournaments, Auctions and any other special event that crosses my mind that will be joyful for the Sakejimian's.
I will make Bungalows, Townhouses and Manors for everyone to purchase.

I will try to make Sakejima better in the economical way. I will encourage people to do mechant trips to Sakejima so the stall owners will get the commodoties they need.

About Shops. I will not make Sakejima to a corrupt island with only shops in the free area. I will build shops but the shops will be mine with a possibillity for owner transfer when the time is right. When the shops are up and running I will take the poe I make there to host the tournaments and other events. I will also decorate a room in the palace for special cermonys like weddings and birthay partys.
I will also encourage people to live at sakejima and have more ships based there.

There is a important thing for everyon to remember. Everyone that will govern a island and the especially the winners of this contest. Remember that a Island is not made for corruption and a place to build shops for a profit by selling them to other people. A Island is there to bring people together with tournaments, fun and socialising.
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