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Posted by Quickbooty at Sep 28, 2005 1:06:03 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Ah, to be governor is to lead a busy life. Being the closest island to the Diamond Archipelago, it is to be expected that a lot of trade always passes through. Having a lower tax break than other islands in the archipelago will allow for traders not to have to look any further than at the gate.

Another idea is to allow more people to be able to open their own shops. The more shops there are the more competitive the market is and the cheaper it will be. Having only four apothecaries might seem ok by any other standards, but personally I feel that there should be as many apothecaries as there are shipyards. All new shops will adhere to a minimum/maximum salary. Low enough so that the prices remain competitive yet high enough to attract more people to work at the shops.

There should be an incentive to get players to trade more; there should be a monthly tournament in which any flag can enter a trading challenge. The Flag that has the highest profit margin by the end of the month wins the amount that they were taxed, plus (depending on how many people participate) a said amount ranging from 10,000 to 50,000. All must be recorded by the mayor and tallied in an excel spreadsheet. Anything not submitted or officially corroborated is not to be counted. To avoid working all day and night, all data will be collected during one hour of the day. Only the captain or senior officers in a flag may deal directly with the major. Trade can be very profitable, especially that of gems, I?m hopping such an initiative would cause the game?s focus to shift from just pillaging brigades to actually trying to pillage user ships because their booty would be more profitable.

Being on a large island that hopes to be the epicenter of all trade, more housing options must be available. This island should not only be a trading center but also a party center where everybody wishes to settle. The greater the amount of traffic, the greater the number of local tournaments with at least two per week of sword fight, treasure drop, and drinking accordingly. Going around in a full circle, on special occasions rights to build a shop will be available as a price.

Non-sinking blockades will always be welcomed where the rule of the island does not change hands. For such blockades, prices and special honors should be given out to the victors.

Another monthly competition will be that of a regatta. An inter-archipelago race of ships of similar size (sloops with sloops, cutters with cutters, etc) where all ships must depart from Jorvik at the same time, arrive at Turtle island, port, report with the mayor (myself) or delegate from the flag who will be standing on the dock (checking that the boat is in port), and sail back to Jorvik, port and, report with the mayor or delegate from the flag. Prizes will be given out accordingly and an entry fee will be in place.

I am sure a thousand more ideas will come once I am mayor. There are endless possibilities to this platform, why not have some fun with it?

My name is Quickbooty , of the Midnight Ocean

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