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Posted by rixation at Sep 27, 2005 9:07:12 AM
Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries
Minthe...a beautiful water nymph who attracted the attention of Hades. Hades, the stern ruler of the Underworld and the husband of the goddess Persephone. It seems, however, that even Persephone's obvious charms can not keep the attention of Hades at all times. The Underworld god has therefore engaged in an illicit - but not terribly well hidden - affair with a Naiad, Minthe.

I am Epimetheus, brother to the great Prometheus. Long ago, the great ruler of Gods, Zeus, fell prey to my brother's quick thinking and foresight. In retaliation for Prometheus' deception, Zeus, with the help of Athena and Hermes, sent me a wife, Pandora; this was meant to earn my trust. In hindsight, which I rely on greatly to learn from, I really do trust too easily. Who was I to resist her, though? Regardless, shortly after my marriage to Pandora, the Gods sent another gift; one so great that no man, titan, or god could resist but to open. Upon disobeying the orders of the inscribed notes on this box, my loving Pandora unleashed a great plague known as "evil" into the world. I stay by her side still, watching the tortures we together released upon man.

This evil, of course, is all too familiar to Hades. He as well has fallen for a woman based on lust, desire, and pure earthly needs. We can, indeed, relate. With this said, I heed Hades' call for assistance on the great island of Sakejima, in this wide and expansive ocean of Cobalt. With my brother, Prometheus, ruling in far off lands, I know that I cannot be restricted or held down any longer by his all-knowing and heroic hands. Sakejima can be a vacation resort, I guarantee it.

I propose to govern Sakejima with a firm, yet fair, grasp.

- In an effort to counter the evil that my wife and I have unknowingly brought down upon man, I will attempt to pursuade the great Hades into providing a beast for us all to cherish - a sheep or pig, perhaps. An earthly idol for man to adore.
- There shall be regular local-only tournaments of skill provided; with rewards great and small, for the people of Sakejima to enjoy.
- The island is in desperate need of new, well-placed housing. A public poll of the good residents of Sakejima will be taken, and appropriate housing will be placed.
- Taxes shall stay low enough to provide inhabitants with profitable shoppes and homes, but just high enough to assist in funding the aforementioned events.
- In the highly unlikely event of new shoppes or bazaars, the alcoholic naming scheme will be strictly enforced. All evils cannot be avoided, afterall.

So, I leave the decision to you; my offer shall remain in place for as long as Hades stays on his well deserved vacation island.

Disclaimer: I am not an OM, despite my chosen pirate name. I am not really Prometheus' brother, nor have I ever really talked with him despite having played on this character for quite a while...but using the historically accurate theme for this contest just seemed to fit all too well, so I ran with it. :)

Edit: caught a typo, whoops.

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