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Posted by IceColdFire at Sep 27, 2005 1:23:35 AM
[Buying] Reverse Avatar Auction
Twiggy needs an avatar!

Do you enjoy art, and feel that you do it incredibly with a touch of sublime? Are you an aspiring artist, or photoshop god in the making that wishes to get some of the spotlight?

For a limited time only, you can participate in the Reverse Auction Contest... of doom!

No, there arent any familiars in this event. Rome isnt raffling himself off, and Scupperer certainly isnt getting off his booty. Subliminal isnt including Harmattan Island as a prize, and the Fandangos arent giving you their fleet.

This is a straight up artistical war, battling head to head or pencil to pencil in an attempt to portray yourself as a worthy avatar merchant.

It wont be entirely about who can draw best. Put your mind to the test, and win my vote. Can you offer an amazing portrait for a ridiculously cheap price? Can you create a subpar portrait, charge a large price and get away with it?

This is about manipulation and presentation. I want you to make me buy your avatar. Give me no choice but to drool over the hyperlinking of your glory.

PoE (or doubloons as well) can be paid on either Midnight or Viridian. Depending on the responce, i may pick one from each ocean. Or two from the same.

Also depending on the ocean and responce, prizes may be tacked on. But alas, this will be a suprise and one that will be held in suspence until the last moment.

Two portraits to base your picture on:
Portrait 1
Portrait 2

My favourite puzzles are drinking, swordfighting and gunning. Seductiveness = teh cool.

Edit: /e smacks the familiar contest below him. Damn timing.
Zezuma says, "what type of ship is this"
Jiiggsaw says, "i think a war fridge"

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