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Posted by squirt_ypp at Sep 20, 2005 1:28:32 PM
Re: [Sage] Crews seeking Pirates
Ahoy! The East Australian Current is a fun and friendly crew looking for more officers and pirates with which to pillage the high seas! We're a burgeoning crew, who likes to surf the waves and barter ashore. Based off of Wensleydale, we have a tailor, distillery, weavery, and ironmonger (stalls they be). And we welcome any mates with a fascination for shoppe keeping, especially for apothecaries or shipyards. ;D

If ye've got past officer experience, pm squirt_ypp or sinbad_ypp. If you're a pioneering pirate, send a /tell ingame to any of our able officers and we can help ye on your way to officership. Just type "/cwho East Australian Current" ingame to see who's online.

Age matters not, but maturity and modesty are key. Although we be a band of scurvy pirates (the likes of which the sullen depths of Sage has never seen!) we help each other out and treat each other with respect. All our pirates are good people. Unfortunately, we've all run-in with those dern scallywags who don't work, boast about their skills and then get poors at every duty report, or speak obscenely towards crewmates.. but ye won't find anybody like that in the E.A.C.

So what're ye waiting for? Come sail with us on Sage!

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