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Posted by BehindCurtai at Aug 5, 2005 3:14:04 PM
Re: *Hyperventilates* Housing on ice!
Nemo wrote: 
Anything anytime means keeping all those "anytime" houses loaded all the time. I imagine most people would have "anytime" checked for at least one category. Big mess.

Then again, you could just have a handle class cover object.

House has an "anytime" setting? OK, your array of active houses doesn't contain 500 housing items, it contains 500 handles. The HouseHandle class would know how to return the name, and if someone wanted to enter the house, it would fault in the actual house from the database.

Direct benefit? The rest of the code would only need to refer to the HouseHandle, which would never need to become invalidated when the house was unloaded. Instead, the object pointed to by the HouseHandle would change from RealHouse to PlaceholderHouse.

(Gad, done this in Objective C enough. All of the database layer was based around this sort of technique.)
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Dylan wrote: 
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