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Posted by lokonzo at Aug 5, 2005 9:34:26 AM
Re: *Hyperventilates* Housing on ice!
Fiddler, a couple of pages back, wrote: 
From the housing thread

[size=18]Semi-Official page 28 FAQ
In order to stop the unnecassary inflation of this thread, here is the semi-official FAQ, updated as necessary and posted every [size=7]couple of pages frickin' page. Please search through this thread before making requests. Also, check out the Ice documentation and the Wiki for further information on housing and furniture.

How many kinds of houses are there?

Will houses be available on Viridian/Cobalt/Midnight?
Yes. Ice is a testing ocean, where bugs in code can be worked out before they move to the main oceans. Anything you see on Ice will eventually make it to all the other oceans.

When will it be available on Viridian/Cobalt/Midnight?
When it's finished. This is a big change and it takes a lot of testing. Eventually it'll be released. We may know in advance, we may not. Be patient.

How do I get on Ice? It doesn't show up on the list of oceans!
Ice requires a seperate client because it is running a different version of the game code than the other oceans. This post from Cleaver details how to download and install the Ice client. Despite what it says, Ice is limited to current subscibers and anyone who has purchased doubloons from the Ringers in the past. Doublooner access was granted in the last couple weeks.

How much will a shack/house/estate/any kind of house cost?
There will be an initial "purchase" cost for every type of housing. The list of known and projected costs can be found here:
Unlike businesses, there is no weekly rent for housing. If you sell your rooms back, you will receive half of the purchase price back.

Can I get a pig/turtle or one of those nifty little Egyptian things/treasures?
Right now special props such as pigs, turtles, and the treasures you can see inside of palaces are only available as prizes from OM tourneys.

Can I see what the inside of a house looks like before I buy it?
Not inside the game, no. However, there are many many people who have posted interior pictures of the various housing types. Look at this thread, this thread, and in this thread.

Can the chests be made to hold PoE/commodities?
It has been speculated & proposed many times that the chest items allow your home to hold PoE and/or commodities, like the hold of a ship. It seems likely, but there doesn't appear to be any Ringer confirmation yet.

Does the sword rack/mug shelf/wardrobe stop decay of those items?
Yes, though apparently the act of placing an item in and out of storage will cause it to decay a little. Cleaver confirmed it all in this post.

If I place a sword rack/mug shelf/wardrobe on a ship, who can access it?
Currently, any officer in your crew can access storage you place on your ship. Only by locking your ship can you prevent access to your storage.

If I place a sword/mug/article of clothing on/in a sword rack/mug shelf/wardrobe, can I move or remove that storage unit with the items still inside?
Yes, you can both move and remove that storage unit. If you only move it, the items stored within will stay inside. Same if you remove it from the scene and then re-place it. If you remove it and then close the scene without placing it back in, both the storage unit and the items inside will be deposited in your Booty panel.

How do I paint my house?
As houses currently have no hold, the only available way to paint your rooms are through the automatic purchase of paint via the paintbrush. This means that you will be at the mercy of dockside pricing on the island your home sits on. On Medium and Outpost islands without an apothecary, paint will only be available if it is being sold from the palace or fort.

Can you tell me what is required to make lacquer/varnish/a table/a sword rack/etc...?
Read the Wiki.

Will I be able to set a list of friends who can come in and out of my house any time without invitations?
Yes. As of 3 August, you can set a list of roommates who have full access to your rooms, even when you're not logged on or located in the rooms. These roommates have full access, including the ability to move or remove furniture and to take and add from storage. In addition, you can check off various groups who can enter your rooms without invitation while you are standing in them: hearties, flag members, crew members, or everyone.

Will island-owning flags have to construct the various housing types themselves?

Is there any benefit to constructing housing for an island-owning flag?
A shack will apparently be necessary to have greenies start on an island. Beyond that, no financial incentives have been announced or discovered.

Edit: Still more questions answered. Maybe we should make the search button blink. Or a popup. Or something.

I'll post this. Hope it helps.
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