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Posted by rixation at Aug 5, 2005 5:06:22 AM
Re: *Hyperventilates* Housing on ice!
VPeric wrote: 
Hey, don't underestimate Cobalt! Plenty of rich people here too - not Midnight rich, but not exactly poor either.

Oh I know there are rich people there, but seriously, you know people who will be spending 640,000 poe on the estate? I like Cobalt and play there occassionally, but most of the high-end players seem unlikely to spend that much poe on something like that. Just a stereotype, but still.

I also don't want to see housing brought to production oceans with 1 price, have a bunch of people drop 180k on a villa, then have the devs realize that no one's buying the expensive housing and cut the prices. That'd piss off a lot of people...

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