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Posted by rixation at Aug 5, 2005 4:55:36 AM
Re: *Hyperventilates* Housing on ice!
Thanks for the screenies Shark, you rock.

In regards to that implementation....that's Good work devs. I'm conflicted on something though. As much as I want this get to Midnight, I want to see it left on Ice to see how many more cool new things they can come up with to slam onto Midnight all at once. :)

The only things I can think of that haven't come to fruition (which I know have been mentioned before, but I think are important enough to comment on again) --

1) Make all housing cheaper; cut all prices in half of what they are now to make them more realistic. At current prices, you'll have maybe a few villas, a few mansions, and possibly 1 or 2 estates on Midnight...and I highly doubt you'll see any of those on Cobalt for a long, long time.

That'd be a fun statistic to pull from your database much poe does the average pirate have on them?

2) Dressers should hold clothes like the wardrobe. There is another shelf available which should hold mugs as well. Money boxes and chests should be able to hold poe (and other inventory such as whisking potions or anything else that goes in the Misc category on your Booty panel).

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