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Posted by RaelShark at Aug 5, 2005 4:17:00 AM
Re: *Hyperventilates* Housing on ice!
Here's some screenies:

Entry Policy:


I don't think we know yet how many roommates you'll be able to have for each size home. I've only heard of being able to have one for most sizes, but the plural tab indicates that more are possible at the higher end of housing.

As far as the entry policy, this is what I'd personally like to see:

[size=10](Photoshopped, not an actual screenshot)

Not sure what kind of complexity that coding would involve, but it might be a problem with how many houses get listed. I definitely think homes you have access to (even if it's someone who's there), should show up differently in the list. Not sure about anybody else, but mis-click knocking on random people's doors is becoming a real problem for me at least.
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